Why Hypnosis?

With all the wonderful medical techniques available to help you conceive, subconscious blocks will never show up on an MRI or blood test.

There is a powerful connection between mind and body. Hypnosis will help you activate your most effective tool for success.

Sometimes it’s just as simple as using hypnosis to help you deeply relax and visualize success. Sometimes there is a subconscious barrier that you are not aware of that, when discovered and released, allows you to conceive and have a healthy, easy pregnancy and birth.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis means focused attention and the bypass of the critical, analytical part of your mind. When you focus inward; focus on the physical sensation of emotions, you go into hypnosis. When you focus your mind on pleasant sounds or suggestions you go into hypnosis. You are not asleep but are so deeply focused that emotional release and healing can take place.  The end result is a feeling of relaxation and peace. It is safe, effective, and efficient and you are in complete control during the process.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me Get Pregnant?

When you are scared your adrenalin pumps and your body goes into fight or flight mode, diverting energy away from systems which are not necessary for immediate survival. The reproductive system is one of the systems to shut down. Your emotions affect not only the endocrine system, but also the immune and central nervous systems.

Your subconscious mind is your feeling, imagining mind.  Stress or painful memories and perceptions may be deeply buried in the subconscious mind, inadvertently causing your body to reject conception even though your conscious mind really wants it. Hypnosis can help you find and release those blocks. Once those blocks are released, hypnotic visualizations can program the automatic parts of your mind and body to create receptivity to pregnancy and a healthy gestation.

I’ve got a good doctor and am getting acupuncture. Why do I need hypnosis?

Some modalities address the biochemistry of your body.  Others are wonderful for helping you center and relax and sometimes can help with releasing. But if there is a deeply buried fear, hypnosis is the most efficient and effective way to find it and neutralize it.  If you’ve been in business, you know you need a team of experts to create success. In this endeavor; this one that means so much to you, don’t you want a full team working with you to maximize your chances of the most positive outcome?

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